Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Jaxon's 2 year pictures

Jaxon got his pictures taken yesterday. We want to try to get their pictures taken every year so these were Jaxon's 2 year pictures. He was not real thrilled to pose and just wanted to play ball the whole time but the pictures turned out cute and we sure love him. We also got some pictures of our family taken and some of the boys together and they are posted on the side. We had fun but it was really hard getting a picture with both Jaxon and Austin looking at the camera! But they turned out cute and we are happy.


amberacottrell said...

OH he is so cute. I love the family picture too you all look great!

amberacottrell said...

Kally I just went to click on our link and it didn't work because amber is spelled wrong so if you were wondering that is what is wrong! Thanks

~M~A~R~L~O~ said...

Kally!!! I just found your blog, you have 2 kids!! I can't believe it, you guys look great and your kiddos are adorable. I was so excited when I saw your blog, now we can keep in touch. My blog is www.mwalburger3.blogspot.com. Can't wait to hear from ya and tell Dallen hi!