Friday, December 14, 2007

Merry Christmas

When we got home from Idaho after Thanksgiving we got our christmas tree out and set it all up with the help of our boys. Since then the tree has been knocked over twice and several ornaments and the tree stand have been broken! Jaxon has pulled the tree over on top of him twice now trying to pull the ornaments off. He is just a typical, always curious boy and I guess I'll have to wait until he moves out to have anything nice! :)



I guess I better enjoy the looks of my tree this year...Who Knows what Andee and the twins will be up to next year. Sounds like TROUBLE!!! Thanks for all the hard work that you did on the vinyls Kally, we do appreciate it so much. Keep all of us updated on your holiday events and we will update and send pictures of the days to come as a family. Miss you all!!! Tami