Saturday, February 16, 2008

Cute, Cute, Cute!!!

So I had to post this. Austin has been sick with ear infections the last couple weeks and we have had the hardest time getting him over them! We went to the doctor a lot in the last little bit and they were talking about maybe having to put tubes in Austins ears if the infection didn't get better. So needless to say I was worried and we can home from the doctor and Dallen gave Austin a blessing that he would recover and not need tubes in his ears. Well today I was putting away laundry and Austin and Jaxon were playing in their room. I could hear that something was bugging Austin so I came in to see what was going on and Jaxon had him pinned on the floor with his hands on his head! I asked him what he was doing and he said he was saying a prayer on Austin so I had to get a picture! It was so cute and I am thankful to have a husband who holds the priesthood and can set that good example for my kids!


The Aplington Family said...

Hey there Kally! It's your old friend Stacy. I'm glad I found your blog. Your boys are so cute! I hope your doing well. Stacy

p.s our blog is

Garrett Harding said...

I love this picture! Everyone at work laughed and thought how great it was that he is learning by example... hope all is well. it's been snowing here (yuck!) and it's been a long week, I'm sure for all of us. Well, have a good weekend. Tell the boys hi.

Camren and Tiffany said...

I am glad you put some pictures of this one the blog that is so cute!!