Thursday, January 3, 2008

Christmas with the Harding's!

We had Christmas morning at our house where we opened presents and played and then we all headed back over to my mom's house where we played games and ate! Jaxon loved ripping the paper off all the presents.
After Jaxon opened the present Austin would come along and play with it. They had a good little system down!
Jaxon and Austin got gold fish in their stockings. Jaxon didn't want to wait for help in opening them so he opened them himself! What a mess!


Spilter said...

It looks like everyone had such a great time. I love the gold fish on the floor!

Spilter said...

That was from Amber sorry I am signed in as Spencer

Camren and Tiffany said...

That is funny they seem more interested in the gold fish than all the fun toys!