Sunday, January 13, 2008

Pine Wood Derby

Dallen was called as the Elder's Quorum President in July of last year and for an activity they planned a Pine Wood Derby for the men of the Elder's Quorum. There was a good turn out and all the men were extremely competitive as they raced their cars. Overall the night was really a success and Dallen's car didn't win but wasn't the worst! So I call that a success! Good Job Dallen! This was Dallen's car. I guess you can tell who his favorite team is!
Austin was on the go all night long. He didn't sit still for a minute and he was so tired by the end of the night!

Jaxon loved every second of the night but could not understand why it wasn't always his turn!We brought him a car to play with but he wanted one like Daddy's so one of the missionaries serving in the ward gave Jaxon his car to play with for the night. It was very nice of him and it made Jaxon's night.
This wasn't all of the cars but we took some pictures of the cars that were made for the night.