Thursday, April 24, 2008

Fun Day and the Aquarium

I usually babysit a little girl every morning from eight til noon but I didn't have to babysit this week and so the boys and I decided to go up to the aquarium and look around and play. We had such a fun day! I am so thankful to have an awesome husband who works so hard and goes to school so I can stay at home with our boys! I feel so lucky! The boys were so excited about the fish and they thought it was so cool when the stingrays would swim right up to the glass where they were standing!
Jaxon was such a good big brother to help hold Austin long enough for me to get a picture of them both. I have given up trying to get a picture of them both looking perfectly at the camera because it is impossible!
Austin loves to play in the dirt. There was a slide right off to his right but he didn't care about that too much the dirt was way too fun I guess!
Peek a boo! Jaxon was making Austin laugh really hard peeking out from behind this fence. It was so funny!
We had a great day and it was worth the twenty minute drive to get there!


G.H. said...

Looks like fun!! Ok, so I am officially a terrible communicator. I haven't talked to you guys since I have been home from New Mexico. Forgive me! However, Patty has kept me up-to-date with everything. These pictures are very cute. They seem to grow every time I see a new picture of them. Hope all is well. I will call soon (as in tomorrow or Saturday)... I PROMISE haha love you guys


Kally...The boys are darling!!!!!
I am absolutely positive that Patty and Tom must miss them so much. Grandkids bring so much joy into our lives. We love and miss you.