Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Sports, Sports and more Sports!

Much to Dallen's delight our boys love sports! It doesn't matter what sport, if it has a ball, they love it! Jaxon always wants to play baseball and he can't wait until his dad gets home from work everyday so they can play. I try to play with him but I guess I don't do it good because he always tells me I need to catch the ball and hit it without missing! Austin loves it just as much as Jaxon and even though the bat is twice his size he still gets it and swings with all his might! It is so fun to watch all my boys play together. I can already see my future now with saturdays full of lots of sporting events!


amberacottrell said...

That is awesome! They are so cute. Logan has really been into baseball ever since last summer watching all the boys at the games. SO fuN!