Monday, May 19, 2008

I love my boys!

Dallen had to take our only car to work today and so by the end of the day the boys and I were a little stir crazy! So I got out my camera and let Jaxon take pictures of Austin and I took a few of the boys and I. Some days may not be real exciting but I am so glad I can be a stay at home mom and raise my boys! Thanks Dallen for working so hard for our little family! We love you!


Camren and Tiffany said...

These pictures are so cute you look so pretty I am really likeing the dark hair! tiff

Rich and Lisa said...

What, two boys?!? They are so cute. Hope that you and Dallin are doing well. I would love to add you to our friend list. Love those boys, super cute!!

Floto's said...

Wow! Kally, your boys are soo cute!
I am so excited to find your blog!
This is Teresa Floto from good old Poky, but we're living in Boise these days! Keep in touch!