Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Happy Birthday Grandma!

This past week was my mom's birthday so to celebrate we decided to go up the canyon and have a picnic and play in the water. Brad and Lisa were on a cruise so they weren't able to come but we missed them. We all brought our lunches and we ate and played in the water and hiked. It was a great day. We had heard about these hot springs up there and so we decided to hike up to them and after about fifteen minutes we were all carrying the kids and so we stopped someone and asked them how much longer we had until we got to the springs and they told us we weren't even half way yet! So we turned around and just played in the cold river.
Jaxon said the water was too cold so he hung out with Grandma and Erin on the banks while Austin and Dallen played in the water.

Austin and Jaxon love to throw rocks in the water and they had a blast throwing as many rocks as they wanted. It was a fun day.
Jade, Jaxon and Austin getting ready for their lunch.

Austin enjoying his watermelon.
Jade loved the water. She was swimming all over like a little fish. Jaxon and Austin were mostly worried about the rocks.

Happy birthday mom. I hope you had a great day. We love you and appreciate all you do! You are an amazing mom and an even better Grandma!


tlc2950 said...

Oh my gosh Kally...I think I would have to go on that picnic once a week, it is absolutely gorgeous there. The boys are darling and we are anxious to be able to spend a little time with you all.

G said...

Looks like you had fun... I probably wouldn't have hiked the hill either. I would've played in the rocks just like the boys too. They seem to love those don't they?!

P.S. Brody looks just like Cam.

Christensen Family said...

Kally, your boys are so cute. I wish the weather would warm up here so we can have some fun outside too. We are excited to see you all soon!!

amberacottrell said...

What a nice post. Your mom is great and I am sure she loved your picnic and being with her kids and grandkids. Great pictures.