Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Golfer's Paradise

This past weekend Dallen and I decided to take the boys to the putt putt golf course and spend the day golfing. Jaxon always asks to go golfing but he can't go on a real course with Dallen yet because he is still too young. He was so excited to go play golf with Daddy. Austin even wanted to play and actually did pretty good hitting the ball when he wasn't throwing it! Here they are trying to decide if they should play the river course or the lake course.
They had so much fun and were so excited about every hole that the whole taking turns thing didn't really last.
Halfway through the course Austin got mad that his club wasn't like Jaxon and Dallen's so Dallen had to trade and finish the course with the little plastic club Austin was supposed to use.
Jaxon had a blast and kept saying thank you over and over for taking him. It was a fun day but now every morning when he wakes up he asks if we are going to go golfing! We will have to go again another day!


Garrett said...

those boys are just like dallen! so great. and i laughed when i read that he just keeps saying thank you. can't wait to see you all. love the pictures!