Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Fun with Jade!

So I am going to post twice in a row since I don't know when I will be able to post again since we'll be in the middle of moving. Today Tiffany and her kids came down to play for a while and the kids had a blast. Jaxon and Jade are such good friends and they had so much fun together. We are going to really miss hanging out with them! I turned on our flood water and the kids played in the water and the dirt! They would go sit in the water and then roll in the dirt! They were so dirty!
Tiffany and I were laughing at these too because they do not look like cousins. They look like brother and sister! They have the same hair, eye color and same body! People are always surprised when we tell them they are cousins and not siblings!
Jade wore a pair of Jaxon's underpants (which he usually won't wear!) and once she put them on he had to wear them too! Maybe I'll send him to Tiffany's house and have her potty train him and then she can send him back!

My brother Michael is here for a couple weeks and so we invited him to come over and play too. He would fill up this bucket of water and dump it on the kids heads! They loved it and laughed so hard! All the kids adore Michael and really miss him when he has to leave! He is such a good sport to play with them and they just think he is the greatest! Since he has been home to visit Jaxon asks for him the second he wakes up!

Even Austin would let Michael dump the bucket on his head! They had so much fun! Thanks Uncle Michael for being such a good sport! You are the best! We will miss you when you go back to Kansas!


Camren and Tiffany said...

I am so glad you had your camera! What a fun time they had why by toys all you need is mudd and water!
we are sure going to miss you guys i am counting on you guys coming back a lot and we will come visit too! But we are still sad :(

Brad and Lisa said...

I love your pictures! I wish we could have come too, Brad would have loved playing in the water and the mud! :o) We will miss you guys so much, but are looking forward to lots of visits and of course, moving back when Dallen is done with school! :o)

amberacottrell said...

Great pictures. They really do look like each other.

Can you please send me Marlos address. Thanks!!

Sad you are moving hopefully not for long so when we come to town we can still see you.