Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Thank you Uncle Garrett!

Even though we didn't celebrate Jaxon's birthday yesterday, when a package came from Uncle Garrett (who is at BYU) I couldn't make him wait! Jaxon was so excited he got a cougars shirt! He and Austin have inherited their love of the cougars from their dad. Garrett was nice enough to send Austin a shirt too even though it wasn't his birthday! Thank you so much Uncle Garrett! I can't get these shirts off them! They love them and so does Dallen! Ra Ra Ra Ra Ra! Go Cougars!
Once they had their "football shirts" on (as Jaxon calls them) they had to play football! Unfortunately instead of playing catch, Jaxon wants to be the kicker, so he has taught Austin how to hold the ball for him! Austin does pretty good and has only been kicked once but he still wants to do it!
Ha Ha Austin looks so funny here! I guess he is stressing about being kicked by the kicker! Thanks so much Garrett!


Garrett said...

The jerseys look amazing! You are so welcome. I hope they get lots of use out of them.

Camren and Tiffany said...

That is so cute Austin holding the ball for Jaxon to kick what a good brother! It's a good this he has a little brother not a sister I don't think a sis would be as willing to go along with Jaxon's sports games :)