Thursday, June 12, 2008

Our great night out!

Dallen and I had a great night out last night. For an early Father's Day present Dallen and I bought tickets to the Brad Paisley concert. It was so much fun! He put on an amazing show and we really had a blast! This is us waiting for the concert to start.
We bought the lawn seat tickets so we were pretty far away for the opening acts. Since it was still light out the big projection screens weren't on yet so we didn't get to see them really good. The opening acts were Julianne Huff, Chuck Wicks and Jewel who now has a country album out. They were pretty good but we were really there to see Brad Paisley.
This is before the show started as they were setting up the stage.
So Dallen and I were sitting there in our lawn seats after all the opening acts were done and some guy came up to us and asked us if we wanted better seats for Brad Paisley. We of course said yes and he gave us tickets to the section right behind the front section! It was so awesome!

So these were pictures of Brad from our new improved seats!
He was such an entertaining performer. It is amazing what modern technology can do becasue he had the coolest background videos and stuff throughout the entire show! It was really great!

This is a video I took of him playing one of my favorite songs he sings. Dallen thanks for an amazing night! I had so much fun with you and I hope you have a great Father's Day! You are an awesome dad and the kids and I are so lucky to have you! I love you!